Wallpaper dates back more than 2,000 years. It began in ancient China as early as 200BC, where decorative rice paper was glued onto walls. The type of wallpaper used in homes today began when Louis XI of France commissioned a painter to create 50 rolls of portable paper so he could take it with him from chateau to chateau. In the early 1700s, Frenchman Jean-Michel Papillon, now considered the inventor of modern wallpaper, designed the first paper with a repeating pattern.

The 'golden age of wallpaper' was the 1920s, when more than 400 million rolls were sold, but it was only after the Second World War that the wallpaper industry was revolutionized, with the use of plastic resins to make it stain -resistant, washable and more durable. Thanks to advancement of today’s modern technology, Infeel wallcoverings are made from high-quality vinyl that is flame-retardant, stain-resistant, washable, and more durable offered in hundreds of styles in the look of leather, wood, metal, paperweave, marble, and vinyl. Vinyl wallcoverings entered the wall-coverings market in the late '50s, but it really didn't make an impact until the '70s and '80s. Infeel wallcoverings is an international brand leader and has helped to design homes and offices for over 10 years.

As with all decorating trends, innovative wallpaper prints are a reflection of the wider influence of fashion. It's no surprise that interior design companies are now rediscovering our elaborate Infeel wall coverings. With designs that range from vintage crystal to country cottage-style luxury wood, any wall can be instantly transformed.  

Even our Infeel pattern prints are used today to make a feature in the home by covering just one wall, column or targeted area. Designers have used strong colorful Infeel prints for one main wall and kept traditional painted walls usually done a softer co-ordinating neutral hue, which only helps to accentuate the walcoverings even further.

Infeel wallcoverings are high-end exclusive designer durable vinyl coverings without that plastic look. Infeel wallcoverings popularity has grown along with the growth of Wallpaper over the last decade. 

It can be pasted directly on laminated surfaces, glass surface, wooden surface etc. Best products for re-uphostry of existing furnitures like wardrodes, kitchen cabinets and many more.